Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chicago Eats!

Well it's definitely been a while (almost 2 months) since I've written anything. So I do apologize, and totally wish that some parts of life would stop being so busy so that I could focus more on food ; )

During the April long weekend I got the chance to take a trip to Chicago, a beautiful city with so much to see, and of course spent the time there excited about where I'd eat next.

Yes Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, but there is so much more to experience while you're there. Of course, if you've never been to Giordano's then I highly recommend that you go! However, if you want to try something a little different to experience more of the city, try out Cantina 46. It's an awesome little mexican restaurant that has a variety of tacos to try. You can opt for anything from a calabacita (butternut squash, mushrooms, watercress, queso cojita, & pickled red onion) to a carnitas (pork shoulder, pineapple escabeche, serrano, & black beans).  We were swayed to walk into the doors with a "Friday 5pm-7pm $2 fish tacos" sign!! Seriously, even without that deal, the prices are worth it: affordable and more than reasonable (you can't go wrong with a $29 pitcher of margarita). The tacos are even the perfect size, where eating a few is exactly what you want to and can do.

For all of you coffee lovers out there, Intelligentsia Coffee is a must try. I was a little confused when trying to order coffee, but the very helpful and friendly baristas were more than willing to explain the variety of brewing techniques they use. And with that, I do mean techniqueS. Your coffee at Intelligentsia is brewed to order. They grind the beans and use various brewing methods depending on the coffee you want. Seriously, even if you're not a coffee addict, go and see it!

If you've never experienced Chicago and you're a foodie, my only question to you is "what are you waiting for??" The next time you're in Chicago (or if you've never been and decide to go), try the  pizza for sure, but don't forget about all the other great restaurants the city has to offer...Giordano's (and its 1 hour long wait) will always be there next time ; )

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