Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's always fun to say Mahi Mahi @ Baton Rouge!!

On Friday night it's always easy to get out of making dinner when you feel lazy: make the dinner date suggestion.  I did just that this Friday, and even though our wallets became a little lighter, my stomach and taste pallet thanked me greatly.

Baton Rouge at Heartland in Mississauga is one of those restaurants that you can find yourself going to every so often when you want a nice atmosphere, great service, and good food. We decided to sit in the bar to give my husband the option of looking at the TV once in a while (which is essentially one of the things I mentioned when bringing up the idea of going out for dinner). But even in the bar, you are treated like gold...and looked after with fast service I might add.

Baton Rouge uses a type of service where all of their wait staff help everyone in the restaurant. Yes they are all given a section, but you will have any server in that section help you out. Sitting there, looking at your empty glass of wine, you no longer have to wait or look for your server that seemed to disappear. Just ask anyone that walks by for that refill. And to be honest, they would probably approach your table before you would have to look for anyone.

So on Friday night I had to go with the Mahi Mahi. Yes it was like butter as my fork just gracefully sliced through it and the fish just seemed to melt in my mouth....but it's also just so much fun to say Mahi Mahi.  My husband opted for the filet mignon which came with these delicious onion (I'm calling them) frings! They looked like fried potato wedges, but with one bite that onion ring flavour captures your mouth. The spicy dipping sauce that they pair it with, makes eating them even more delectable.

We walked out of there pretty much $100 poorer, but we left knowing we had a rich experience. So it can be pricey, but when you taste the food and get that great service, the price makes sense. Would I go there all the time? Not unless someone else would pay for me at some points. But I would make the trip every once in a while when I want a dining experience where I'll feel pampered, get to eat great food, and not have to think of taking out a loan to do it.

The cream of mushroom soup that came with my entree.
The mood setting low lighting made it hard to take pictures,
but added to the comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant.

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