Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carrot, Dill, and White Bean Salad..Thank You 101 Cookbooks

So deciding on what dinner will be is like a daily adventure to me. I stopped eating meat about 8 months ago (for reasons I won't go in to right now), and for someone who was raised in a very traditional Eastern European household (where delicacies consist of roasted pork and lamb) it was somewhat of a challenge to adjust to not thinking of meat as the entree of any meal.

But, so far so good. And part of the reason I've been doing so well is thanks to Heidi Swanson's website 101 Cookbooks. Since I, and I'm assuming the majority of you out there, don't have a Whole Foods store hiding in my kitchen cupboards, working with what I have on hand is a necessity. For me, this on hand item today was some white navy beans that I cooked just yesterday.

And TA-DA, the recipe appeared as I typed in my ingredient: Carrot, Dill, and White Bean Salad.

Again, I couldn't wait to dig in. All that
was left? My leftovers for an awesome lunch!
Carrots...check (well some at least).

Dill...check (had some frozen from the herbs I grew in the garden last summer).

White Beans....uh duh....check.

Even though I have gone "veggie", I do have a husband that I feed as well. A husband who is also of Eastern European decent and cannot fathom a meal with some form of meat. So I do usually have to think of an added meat portion to the meals I make. However, tonight was a loner night for me. Meaning that I only had to make a dinner for one and could forget the meat!
I couldn't put up the recipe without a decent picture.
This one if from the recipe on Swanson's website.

This recipe was quick, easy, and with the addition of leftover quinoa from the night before, broccoli as a filler to help with my lack of carrots, and some kale to add just a little something something, I was filled and even had leftovers for a lunch to look forward to tomorrow.

So, no, I didn't follow the recipe with the exact ingredients. But while still using the overall idea and method, this recipe is definitely a "keeper" and "must do again".

To close, I reiterate, thanks Heidi Swanson for some healthy, easy to make, and extremely tasty recipes!

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