Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tutti Frutti...tutti greasy

To go along with this breakfast theme that I have going on here so far, why not try a new place for a late lunchtime breakfast. Tutti Frutti is a very Cora-esque type of breakfast establishment: open kitchen where you can see your food being made behind the counter, a selection of booths and tables, and chicken figurines placed around the restaurant. The only thing that distinguishes Tutti Frutti from being just another Cora's (despite the name) is the lack of cartoony menu item names and pictures on the walls, the cute little pictures adorning Cora's bathroom doors, and the additional grease that Tutti Frutti adds into their menu items. 

The Vegetarian Omelette:  too much cheese?
At first it was refreshing to see a new breakfast place that was close to home with a family friendly atmosphere to it. No line to get in or to get seated. Quick and friendly service. Everything seemed a little refreshing. Except that as I sat in my seat and looked around, "refreshing" turned into "rehashing" as I was reminded of the interior of all of the Cora's restaurants I'd ever been to. Ok, so they look similar, no big deal. But upon perusing the menu, the "Cora's Special" was now the "Celine's Special" and the "Crepe Panini" was not catching my eye in awe as I'd seen it so many times before. Ok, so they have similar menu items and similar pricing, no big deal. Then the deal breaker showed up with the arrival of our meals: the vegetarian omelette topped with melted, grated cheese and, it seemed, a couple of spoonfuls of oil, and the Celine's Special of two eggs alongside some very thin and crisp lacking bacon. All of this came with a side of over buttered toast of your choice.
The "Celine's Special"......sounds familiar.

So did I satisfying my craving for a breakfast like meal with some eggs? Yes. But I also left with an impossible to remove taste of butter from soggy toast and grease lined stomach that was aching for me race home and lie down. 

Would I go their again? Maybe to a different location to see if it makes a difference. Maybe in about 6 months once this new location establishes itself a bit more. But would I really choose Tutti Frutti over something like Cora's? Not a chance.

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