Sunday, April 3, 2011

A little bit of everything is a little bit of Heaven

What better to do mid morning on a Saturday than go for brunch? And what better place to go to than Cora's

I woke up craving a satisfying and sweet bite of french toast. I couldn't help but think of the crunchy outer layer covered with the sweet taste of maple, and a warm gooier inside that made it all seem like it would melt in my mouth.  So convincing my husband to make the trip to Cora's was easy enough...I pretty much just had to mention Cora's and he was game.

As we waited in line to be seated (because there is always a line at Cora's on the weekend...but it's fast and so worth it) my mouth watered just thinking of what I would order. As I peeked at the meals that were being served to those who were seated (don't judge, you know you do it too), I saw it: the king of the stack of pancakes! Four huge blueberry pancakes covered with some English cream that could probably feed a family of 4! So it wasn't french toast, but it would be close enough.  

The "after" picture of my devoured meal. I was so hungry and it was too good to wait to try it.  My suggestion? Just order it and you'll get to devour it for yourself too.
However, when it was time to order, I realized I just couldn't do an entire meal of pancakes; I needed more. I needed some egg, some fruit, and the sweet goodness of a french toast like dish. I was torn, confused, and saddened at the thought that I may have to sacrifice one of those options. That was until I saw it. My heart (or more like my stomach) filled with happiness at sight of my solution: the 1990's Harvest. With an egg, fruit, and a cinnamon raisin brioche dipped in french toast batter, my perfect brunch was constructed. Biting into that brioche and satisfying that craving was a moment of utter perfection. 

What did I realize after all of this? Cora's may just be the breakfast/brunch solution to anyone's troubles. And with Cora's restaurants just popping up all over the place, this shouldn't be a problem.

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