Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Bum Baby Shower Cake

Whew...what a tongue twister. But that's exactly what I got myself to try out and make: a baby bum baby shower cake.

I had some hesitation about trying this for the first time when I was making it for a friend's baby shower, but I couldn't resist trying to make something so cute.

The butter, sugar and eggs; just one part of the cake recipe.

Just about ready to put it all together. Adding buttermilk and dry ingredients
into the "wet" mixture in 3 doses.

Two cake pans (an 8" and a 6") ready to go. Remember
to cover the top with tinfoil if the top starts to brown long
before the rest of the cake is ready

In the end, my lemon coconut baby bum cake turned out great. But I can't take all the credit. I made it, but I didn't come up with all of the ideas myself. The Coconut Cake with Lemond Curd recipe is from The mommy and daddy to be seemed really pleased with the taste. Well, they tried it and kept eating it at least ; ). And I got a lot of help with the design from Cake Central. The step by step instructions were not confusing, too detailed, or vague....they were just right. I got the idea of what I had to do, with some leeway to do my own thing with it as well. The only thing I did add was my own recipe (well I should actually say the Wilton recipe) for buttercream icing, to dirty ice the cake before layering with fondant.
The finished product: a baby bum cake for a a baby shower.

So sometimes it's good to take a chance with baking and decorating. If you don't try, you'll never know if you can do it. Right?!

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