Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cookies, Teas, Organic Everything...oh my

Grande Passion tea and a (giant) Chocolate Chunk Cookie please.

That was the first moment of my great foodie morning. You've got to love Starbucks when you can get such a variety of teas and coffees, with a variety of cookies (ones that are bigger than any you could probably get anywhere else) to choose from. As I ordered my tea I figured, "ah why not get that cookie for something sweet to indulge in, I mean I'll probably only eat half of it anyway". Half? Yeah right! How can you stop eating something that's so rich, yet not too sweet, yet sweet enough that you just want to keep going. can't stop. Thank you Starbucks. Thank you for now making me wonder if I should've skipped my workout this morning... ; )

And it doesn't end there. Today, I finally ventured to Whole Foods. I know that it's kind of weird that I've never been there before. But hey, now there's one near me and I won't have to try to convince myself to drive there.  Now, I totally regret not ever having been.

The moment I walked in, I realized how nice it was not to have to search for the organic produce, or even wonder if they had organic produce. Why? Because everything is organic, grain fed, antibiotic free, etc, etc... I was mesmerized by the clean set up, prices that didn't make me want to run out screaming and not come back, and the variety of, well, everything! Thank you Whole Foods for finally coming to Mississauga. I'll definitely be going back...soon.

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